Hello world! My name is Alyssa and I’m currently 14 weeks along. As well as very excited for my first kid, let alone to be a new mommy. And no, I don’t know the gender for sure yet. Even though everyone (including random strangers) love to tell me I’m having a baby boy. After being asked if I AM pregnant because I’m so tiny I barely show.

Being asked if you’re pregnant, having the belly touched by anyone and everyone, asked if we know the gender – and TOLD what the gender is going to be. That’s always sooooo much fun right? Not really. Now, don’t get me wrong, while bringing a new life into this world is a very exciting experience… dealing with all that? Is not so much fun. Am I right?

But what is fun? Especially now that my brutal morning sickness is gone? (I don’t know why they call it morning sickness, when it lasts all day.) Looking at baby clothes, and other baby gear. Like, there’s these super cute baby costumes you’ll see on here? And oh, my, god, let me tell you – you will be just as excited for them as I am!

Which is why my hubby and I created Love Baby Stuff – to deal with our new obsession of well… baby stuff. As well as to help other parents.

Whether it be tips, tricks, and anecdotes of pregnancy and parenting based off of our own experiences. Or the latest news & events going on in the pregnancy and parenting world, like medical stuff and recall warnings – found on top reliable sources around the web. Or even to get everything, for baby AND us moms that we could need – in one place. After all, this new venture is called Love Baby Stuff for a reason. Who can resist? Plus, it’s just so much easier to have it all in one place. Versus bouncing from source to source, site to site, and random advice from all over the place. You know?